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Case Study
Caryn health


Caryn Health enables organizations that provide health care insurance and sharing programs to deliver a great health care experience.We worked drectly with Caryn Health to craft a B2C lead generation campaign and process for their Universal HealthShare (UHF).

Universal Health Fellowship offers many different health sharing programs, as well as optional features. This means you can easily choose the program that best fits your monthly budget. In general, Universal HealthShare program monthly contributions are up to 40% less than the cost of traditional monthly insurance premiums. We built a multi-platfor, on brand, bespoke lead generation system that converted directly into active enrollments (18%).

Caryn Health

The Oppotunity

Caryn Health came to us at an interesting time in their evolution. They had not launched a direct B2C campaign to drive individual & family enrollments. To date they were reliant on call center sales to identify and convert their enrollees. At that time the call centers were insurance based and therefore using healthshare options as downsells.

We were able to connect with them in 2021 via a referal of one of our other happy clients!

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Connection Rate

Connection Rate
Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations
Health Share Enrollments

Health Share Enrollments

The Strategy

The health share industry isn’t an industry that operates in the same way as others. The closest ‘kin’ is the insurance industry but health share is categorically not the same thing; with lots of red tape & regulations surrounding it. Traditionally health share is seen as a direct downsell for insurance sales people.

What Caryn Health & UHF wanted to achieve was a direct to consumer strategy that showcased the benefits of health share to a specific demographic that wants to protect themselves and their healthcare options but not in a position to be able to or want to purchase health insurance.

We needed to ensure the prospects understood the value of health share options and how powerful they can be to offer individuals and families the support they need.

To do that, we used the following strategies:

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The Results


Kelly Gordon #Kudos. Not everyone is as creative as you are! Partnering with Dapper Codes who produced qualified, verified, real time, exclusive leads at scale for UHF, we realized a 45% rate of success scheduling consultations from their social media leads. Regardless of our modest budget in comparison to other clients, Kelly treated me to personal attention, unwavering commitment, and fiscal responsibility with my ad-spend. Dapper Codes serves companies of all sizes, across many industries. Thank You Kelly for helping me educate consumers on Health Sharing as an alternative to traditional insurance and for improving Universal Health Fellowship’s social media presence! #success #OutsideTheBoxThinker. #socialmedia #thankyou

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