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Planning. Either you love it or you hate it. Good thing for you is we love it! We plan because we value your success. A successful launch originates with an old fashioned conversation, pen and paper.


So you’ve heard people say you only have 3 seconds to woo new potential customers on your site. How do you ‘woo’ in 3 seconds? Design. Usable, sleek, intuitive design. That’s how.


Not only is this the part of the project that turns your idea into reality, live on the Internet, this is the phase that ensures your website is realiable, quick to load, and easy for your potential clients to find.


The testing phase is what allows us to show you that what we built you will stand up to the rigors of the Internet. From different user perspectives and the dreaded different user devices and browsers.


Now is the time that we wrap your project up with a bow and deliver it to you! … or something like that. No matter. What matters is now your website is live and ready to work for you and your business.

Website Development & Management


Our company specializes in web design, web development, eCommerce development and on-going website maintenance. We are based in Greenville, SC, however our clients live in over 6 countries. Our team of skilled and highly experienced designers and developers are here to cater to your project with extensive custom services and eagerness to meet your projects’s particular needs. Every client is provided absolute flexibility to ask any type of query related to the project. We have the expertise to answer them professionally and we pride ourselves in our ability to explain the ‘techy’ side of things in plain English.

Every professional at Dapper Codes works side-by-side with clients to understand any specific need or requirement intimately. No matter what industry your business is  associated with and where you want your brand to reach, we have the professionalism, the skill set, and the wherewithal to cater a customized solution. Since our inception, we have been successful accomplishing the needs of every client with our custom premium solutions.

Our services are not limited to designing and development of websites but arguably more importantly, we are here to help you in the long-run. We expect your business to be successful and impacting your community for years to come. We will be here to support you and your website to allow you to do what you do best.  We commit to providing you with the most knowledgeable, friendly, valuable and swift website maintenance services. In this fast paced environment, it is mandatory to keep your website absolutely up to date.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


DapperCodes_SEODapper Codes offers our clients the most specialized SEO services that drive our client’s brand awareness and visibility, with trackable ROI to benefit your business’ bottom line. Our team of skilled professionals begin by digging deep to understand your business as well as strategically viewing your competition to gain further insight of your target market. Dapper Codes’ Elite SEO Solutions are tailored based on analyzed results and targeted to achieve realistic goals so as to enhance your business’ website traffic with intent to grow awareness of your brand efficiently and economically.

We know the importance of engaging with industry experts specifically for SEO purposes and our premium services are designed to meet your business needs with top priority. Our team of highly experienced and well qualified SEO professionals will monitor your website’s advancements constantly and strive to make sure to provide your business’ website with top Google rankings.

In order to let you experience the most promising results, the team at Dapper Codes is meticulous and considers every potential strategy while optimizing our SEO techniques. We have an array of SEO tactics that are incorporated throughout the process for the preferred results.

Dapper Codes has years of experience serving businesses who offer diverse services across the globe and has the expertise to facilitate clients with premium and result oriented Elite SEO Services. Our team of skilled and highly professional SEO team members are always ready to work together with you in order to cater to your business needs with our dedicated tailored services. We are always ready to take up the challenges to accomplish your business goals with utmost proficiency.


Sales Funnels & Online Marketing


onlinemarketingDapper Codes is a full service sales funnel & online marketing company that consistently provides the best result oriented outcomes in addition to outstanding customer support. We specialize in online marketing and cater you with the most efficient solutions to support your online marketing efforts including – social media management (SMM) consulting, Google Analytics reporting and consultation, e-mail marketing (Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, MailChimp etc), content and copy writing creation, PPC campaigns, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), local search listings and white hat link building services.

Today, the online marketplace has become exceedingly competitive and the need for understanding your prospective clientele has become mandatory. Not only do you need to know your exact client avatar but you need to know where to find them online and moreover you need to know how to convert those potential clients into repeat customers. We at Dapper Codes have developed state of the art marketing models that get you connected with every possible client through customer centered content, detail oriented metrics and reporting, hands-on consulting through the entire process from beginning to end. Basically, we aren’t successful until you are.

Dapper Codes is a customer-centric marketing solutions company that has the capability to transform your business into a successful venture, without the long learning curve and potential pitfalls that you may encounter by navigating alone. The proficiency and professionalism we boast are perceptible and palpable within a confirmed track record of competence and effectiveness for creating a competent online business through proven strategies of online marketing. We focus on helping you follow your imagination while customizing the best possible and most promising online marketing solutions that are most suitable for your business. The methodologies we provide boost your business and allow you to stand out of the crowd in this highly competitive world.

White Label Services


Are you looking to scale your business without the ever mounting  overhead costs? Don’t you worry! Dapper Codes is always ready to do that heavy lifting for you. Your business should not be stressful or expensive to expand. White Label Development, also known as White Labeling, is a really great thing in the right environment. White Labeling allows you to expand, focus on what you want to do, travel, or focus on building your business and increasing sales. It’s really a very flexible option for a lot of digital agency owners and marketers alike.

White label services in an integral part of what Dapper Codes does day-in-and-day-out. We assure you that we can deliver one of the most effective results in scaling or expanding your business. Our solutions can significantly boost your sales and you will definitely reach the targeted audience you desire.

We offer white label solutions to a variety of clients. Our niche is in the web development, maintenance, and marketing industries. Our white label services range from full project management from design to launch to taking bits and pieces off of your plate to allow you to focus on things more in need of your time. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help you scale your business and get more sleep. Simply provide us with the crucial details you need us to focus on and we will strategize the plan to get it accomplished in an effective manner, leaving you to do what you do best.

Some Words From Our Clients

Kelly Gordon and her amazing team at Dapper Codes, swooped in when my website was in a pinch and in record time was able to deliver a beautifully designed and functional site for my business. Kelly is an absolute pleasure to work with, not only because is she one of the nicest people on the planet to deal with in business, but because she is incredibly knowledgeable about her field. She easily presents a plan that even the most un tech savvy people (me) can understand, communicates with you every step of the way and, best of all, delivers when she says she will. My experience with Kelly and her company has been second to none and I would recommend them to any business, new or established. Two thumbs up, 5 gold stars, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 20. Thank you Dapper codes!
Jennifer Glover, Carolina Girl Cooks
OMG, what can I say. Kelly is a ROCKSTAR and the perfect partner for someone looking to grow their business! When I was thinking about the type of person I needed to help me take my business to the 6 figures, I knew it was going to be a tall order to fill so, I know I lucked up with I teamed up with Kelly! She is a hard worker and really cares about professionalism and quality. On many occasions, I let Kelly work directly with my clients because of her patience, knowledge and quick response.

Kelly quickly jumped in and took control and alleviate a lot of immediate problems I was facing with production and productivity. With Kelly on my team I was able to scale to over $150K in one year! Any one who hires Kelly is making great investment in their business.

I know we will have a powerful partnership for years to come!!

Danielle Murrell
I have worked with dozens of web designers and coders in my career and have found Kelly Gordon to be the most professional in the industry. She produces not only quality web design and coding but she goes a step further and provides a deep understanding of how to make the internet produce results. That is a quality lacking in so many in her field.
Jeff Taylor

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