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Our SEO team will put together a comprehensive strategy that will help ensure you’ll be able to reach your targeted audience by appearing prominently in search engine results for your business’s most relevant keywords. We tailor our elite SEO solutions to your needs.


Dapper Codes provides businesses with customized search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. Our services are made to increase your popularity on search engines, which will in turn boost the number of people visiting your website with the ultimate goal of getting your business more calls, more conversions, therefore impacting your bottom line.

Our SEO team will put together a comprehensive strategy that will help ensure you’ll be able to reach your targeted audience by appearing prominently in search engine results for your business’s most relevant keywords. We tailor our elite SEO solutions to your needs.

We’ll first carry out thorough research to see where your businesses currently stands. This allows us to create a unique strategy that will help you achieve your goal and grow the amount of organic traffic your website receives.

Our SEO services are designed to boost your brand awareness in the most cost-efficient way possible.


Our highly experienced SEO team will start by analyzing what drivers your brand’s visibility online. We’ll also take the time to study your competition’s online presence, allowing us to get important insights into your specific market share. By carrying out research, our SEO experts will build the foundation of a successful SEO campaign.

In order to help you build your online presence more effectively, we use powerful web analytics software. By doing so, we can quickly see which keywords and what kind of content will allow us to bring a higher number of visitors to your website within a reasonable time frame.

Our SEO experts know that having highly relevant, unique and shareable content is essential if you want to build a solid presence on search engines like Google and Bing.

What sets us apart as an SEO company is our interest in handling your business’s objectives uniquely. Every website and every business has a unique set of current circumstances and goals. We’ll dig to the heart of those with you, as a partner, to comprise a very thorough map of action steps to meet your goals.


Many SEO experts will tell you that if something isn’t measurable, it more than likely doesn’t even exist! At Dapper Codes, we know the importance of constantly monitoring and measuring your company’s online success. As many consumers are turning to search engines to find businesses that offer the products and services they want, it’s essential that you work with a SEO company that can provide you with superior results. Because, let’s be honest, results are the only thing that really matters!

We will set goals together with you and then we’ll measure daily, weekly, and monthly, just how successful our efforts are for your website. We’ll also monitor a wide variety of SEO metrics to see how you’re doing against your competitors.

When you work with us, we’ll give you a link to a dashboard that lets you keep an eye on your SEO rankings at any time- we call these our KPI’s (key performance indicators). This allows you to see that the work we do for you is actually bringing you measurable results in the real world.


At Dapper Codes, we have a highly skilled team of SEO experts with more than 15 years of digital marketing experience. Over the years, we’ve developed a unique way of approaching search engine optimization for businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

When we begin working together, we get started by performing a thorough research phase. This phase is absolutely essential, as it allows us to get a better understanding of your business and the unique local, regional, national, and international landscape that it lives in.

Every SEO strategy we come up with is unique and customized to your specific business’ needs. We’ll take into account a wide range of factors, such as the geographic area that your business serves and how many competitors you have.

After our initial research, we’ll find three main keywords that will bring you the best SEO benefits. The keywords we choose will be highly relevant to your business and have the largest number of monthly views in your area. When it comes to keywords selection, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Every business offers different products and targets a different type of consumer. This is why we always choose keywords that are unique to your business and its industry. Once we’ve selected the keywords, we’ll follow our specific checklist to start work on your site.

Our SEO experts will review this checklist with you after the research and keyword selection phases. During the next twelve weeks, we’ll be working diligently to improve your local rankings for our chosen keywords. We will continue to work in 12 week rotations through our keyword selection process.

We’ll give you a link to a dashboard that you can use to see how your rankings are improving for the targeted keywords. You can access your SEO dashboard at any time, from anywhere.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very wide topic to discuss. If you look it up online, you’ll find plenty of information about it from a variety of sources. As there are so many websites out there dedicated to SEO, finding out which ones have useful and up-to-date information can be a bit difficult. At DapperCodes, our goal is to help you navigate the world of SEO by providing you with the best quality service and advice. We provide our clients with top quality, results-driven SEO services. Our team of SEO experts is always ready to meet your company’s needs with our customized digital marketing and search engine optimization services.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major component of any digital marketing strategy. It’s a combination of on-page and off-page techniques that work together to boost the popularity of your content on Google and other search engines. The position of your web pages in search results will rise, which will in turn result in more traffic to your website. Done properly, SEO is an ongoing and long term process. By having the right SEO strategies, your website can progressively climb through search engine rankings, even if it was previously buried under a dozen pages of competing results. When a potential customer types in a keyword in Google, the search engine displays the pages that it feels are the most reputable and relevant first. By doing SEO, you can tell search engines that your website is worthy of being included near the top of search results for valuable keywords.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are simply what your potential customers are typing into search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to help them find a local business that will solve their problem. This is why any SEO campaign will involve optimizing your website for keywords that many of your customers will use and which are likely to bring in a large amount of interested visitors to your website.

Why Does My Business Need SEO?

The simple answer is that it’ll help you acquire more customers every single day. In today’s world, the majority of consumers are using search engines like Google and Bing to find which businesses in their area have a product or service that they need. Most search engine users won’t look past the first page of search results. If you have a website, but it’s buried under several pages of listings from competitors on search engines, there’s a high chance that your potential customers won’t even know that you exist. This is what makes SEO a very important part of your overall online presence. By using it, you’ll get better visibility for your brand, more traffic to your website, more customers and more revenue for your business.

How Do I Know Whether the SEO Work You Do for Me Is Actually Effective?

Once we begin working together with you, one of our SEO experts will provide you with a link to a SEO dashboard that you can access at any time. By signing in to your dashboard, you can have real time access to how you’re ranking for the keywords that we’re working on. This allows you to see the progress that your website is making.




Adelene Simple Cloth is a luxury textile company. They’re making the finest fabric you can find, because what good is a fabric that doesn’t last 100 years? We came into contact with Adelene back in 2017. They were in the middle of a website redesign that was not going well. We were able to step in and complete the project successfully without going over budget. That initial engagement went so well (and we like each other so much) that we’ve been working together ever since.




The Mold Test USA story resonated with us and we knew we could help them reach a broader audience. Before they became part of the Dapper Codes family, they were buying leads. That model worked for them for a period of time, but because it did nothing to help their business in the long term, they knew it was unsustainable.

They also knew that the effort they were putting into their website and brand needed to have staying power. That’s where Dapper Codes comes in.




FACE Stockholm is an international luxury makeup company, based in Sweden. They came to us because their online sales were steadily decreasing over time. They knew to be truly successful, and simply to keep up, in our increasingly technologically driven world, they had to make a change.

They had an online store, but weren’t getting what they needed to out of it; and that meant their customers weren’t, either.


MAKEUP ARTISTRY by Helen Andersson | PHOTOGRAPHY by Preston Schlebusch Photography | MODELING by Anni Krueger | photo used with permission of FACE Stockholm

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