If you are open for business in Charleston, SC and the low country, we’re here to help you drive targeted, local, ready-to-buy traffic to your website. We don’t just come in, optimize your web content, and walk away. Instead, we approach each business with a personalized solution that we help you understand while we implement it fully for your business. We are a leader in SEO and online marketing, and we are ready to use our tried and true strategies to turn your business into a profit generating machine.

In the increasingly digital world we live in, advertising a business doesn’t just end with fliers, billboards or print ads. Instead, advertising businesses has become an intrinsic part of the online landscape. One of the main ways to utilize the web for marketing is through SEO, or search engine optimization. There are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of businesses in the same genre vying for attention at any given time. Don’t let that fact overwhelm you, where there is competition, there is a mark (& money) to be made. SEO provides an opportunity for you and your business to attract the attention of people acitvely seeking your product or services in your target market (whether that is a local target or a national or international one). If you have a business and you are advertising goods or services online, you will find search engine optimization is vital for your the long term stability of your business.

We want your business to be as successful as you do. That’s why it’s so important that we recognize one of the greatest threats to success you will face: competition. Once upon a time, your only competition would have come from other brick and mortar stores in your town. Now, you aren’t just competing on a local level. You are also competing on a national and sometimes even a global level. For your business to succeed and become profitable, it’s vital you understand how much of that success depends on how well you stand out from the competition and how competently you reach out to your target audience.

Those businesses that you compete with will constantly change and evolve their methods of reaching clients. You have to change and evolve too, and you must stay relevant in a world that’s always moving and changing. These days, you can’t just blast your advertisement to everyone you can reach. That doesn’t work anymore. Instead, you have to know the subtle nuances of targeted marketing. That means reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. That is your key to business success and we know how to make that happen.

Why You Need SEO For Your Growing Charleston SC Business

Back in the day, when you launched a website you could rely on targeted, high quality copywriting to alert the search engines to your business. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case. Now to be sure, websites still need high quality, targeted copywriting. The difference is now, that must be coupled with a strategic long-term commmitment to SEO. That’s because search engine optimization is simply a must in order for your business to even be found.

Yes, if you give your web address to someone, they will be able to find you and then hopefully do business with you. However, a large portion of your business could come from clients that find you through web searches via targeted niche specific keywords. The entire goal of SEO is to make you findable in that manner. When keywords are properly used throughout your page and coupled with strategic search engine optimization then you can move up ranking in search engines like Google.

Think about it. When you search for something, you usually click on the first handful of results and ignore the rest, right? You need to make sure your business is in that first handful of results so people can find you. That’s exactly what search engine optimization does. There are numerous accounts of large, successful businesses that have had to close their doors simply because they dropped in search engine rankings or never made it to the top in the first place. For you, that means in a competitive market like we are experiencing across the board, your business will not survive if you do not do everything you can to reach top search engine rankings. You need SEO to, not just be successful, but also to make it as a business in the first place.

We could spend hours and hours trying to explain how important search engine optimization is for your business, but the best way to understand it is to understand its value to you and your business personally.

Building a Business Brand in Charleston SC

A big part of any business is building a brand — in other words creating an image for yourself and your company that is recognizable, easy to find, and descriptive of who you are and what you do. Once you have a brand built, you will also need to raise awareness of that brand. Think about it this way- When you are driving down the road and you see signs for certain fast food restaurants, you know their name without even seeing a word. For your business to succeed, you need that same type of brand awareness.

We have experts in the SEO field and we can help you build that type of brand through quality web content, search engine optimization and a site that appeals to consumers.

Localizing Your Marketing Efforts for Charleston SC Businesses

We also have a strong awareness of what consumers expect and will look for in the Charleston, SC lowcountry area. While there are potential customers everywhere, in many cases, we know that your success starts at home. That’s why we use localization tactics to make your website more successful at reaching people within your target area.

Thanks to our local knowledge, we know how to create content that will appeal to people within the area. We know what these potential customers want to see and what they search for. That means we can help you get the exposure you need for a successful local customer base.

Getting Real SEO Results For Your Business

There has always been one issue with mass marketing methods and tools. It’s nearly impossible to determine a return on investment. If you send out thousands of flyers, determining how many customers those flyers brought in doesn’t truly work, and that means not ever knowing how well your investment in that advertising method worked.

Our SEO methods are quantifiable. In other words, we will be able to show you your return on investment and you will see real results from your cost and effort.

Finding New Ways to Grow Your Business in Charleston SC

In the ever increasing online world, there are always ways to grow and evolve. You have to keep up with insights to determine what you need to change in order to  become, and then stay successful.

When you choose our search engine optimization services, we will provide you with regular, detailed reports. These reports provide you the details you need to grow your business, like what keywords clients are searching, how much time they spend on pages, and much more.

Proudly Serving Charleston SC Businesses

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then it’s time to consider one of our packages.

Here in Charleston, SC, we are ready to help you with your business marketing needs through a number of different packages:

  • If you want to increase your site ranking and search engine results, then we offer search engine optimization packages.
  • Perhaps you are just getting started in the online world, or you want to completely revamp your current web presence, then we offer web design and developemnt services to offer you a visually appealing and dynamic website.
  • When you want to drive paid traffic to your website, then we offer pay-per-click marketing that builds your brand, brings in more traffic, and provides you with results you can see.
  • Targeting audiences on social media has become the norm in today’s world, and our social media marketing packages will help you pinpoint and connect with potential customers.
  • Once you get customers, it’s vital that you keep them engaged. Otherwise, they will forget about you and your brand because they are so inundated with marketing directed at them 24/7. Our email marketing packages will help you do just that. We can help you keep customers apprised of your products or services so they will continue reaching out to you or become new clients.

What will you gain from working with us for your Charleston, SC search engine optimization needs? We offer a variety of different packages that we can tailor to your business needs. Beyond that, we have more than 20 years of experience. In other words, we know how to make SEO work for you.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you. We want you to see us as your partner in making your business successful.

When you are ready to take the next steps and start building your business, contact us today. We are ready to talk to you!