Mold Test USA is the national industry leader for unbiased mold inspection, accurate mold testing, and consulting for residential and commercial properties. Mold Test USA has helped over 2,000 customers a year, by giving clear direction based on experience, knowledge, and scientific information.

Mold Test USA has been setting industry standards in independent mold testing and inspection since their inception in 2008. With over 200 affiliate offices, they are the largest mold testing and inspection company in the United States and have worked with over 40 corporations and banking institutions across the country.

Serving over 2,000 clients a year, in both residential and business settings, they have earned their reputation as the best in the business. With a focus on thorough, independent mold testing and inspection, they have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

They have also gained national recognition through interviews on The Weather Channel and MSN, as well as being featured on the popular CBS program “The Doctors.”

The Opportunity

Mold Test USA was founded by Curtis Barnes and Greg Morgan, better known in the industry as “The Mold Brothers.” They began their journey as victims of mold with no legal recourse for the landlord who refused to help them. Realizing that their story was one shared by thousands of people, the entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to do some good. Since then, they have devoted themselves to ensuring the health and safety of people around the country.

The Mold Test USA story resonated with us and we knew we could help them reach a broader audience. Before they became part of the Dapper Codes family, they were buying leads. That model worked for them for a period of time, but because it did nothing to help their business in the long term, they knew it was unsustainable. They also knew that the effort they were putting into their website and brand needed to have staying power and not be as fleeting as buying leads is. That’s where Dapper Codes comes in.

The Strategy

Mold testing and inspection isn’t an industry that operates in the same way as others. While you want to help people who need it, it is in the best interest of the client if they never have to call you again. That means the usual markers of success for a business, like customer retention rates, don’t apply here. We knew the trick was in creating a website presence that could turn cold traffic into hot traffic much faster than other industries do. We needed to ensure the customers understood the value of an independent, unbiased mold inspection and why it was imperative to have the mold inspection performed before removal and remediation services began. We did that by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Conversion Mapping
  • Full Website Redesign
  • Content Strategy

The Results

Website Before

Website After

Changing the direction of a company doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long-term investment, requiring a great deal of time and effort on both sides in order to gain actionable information. However, when it all comes together, as it inevitably does with solid strategy and direction, it is well worth the effort!

Working with Mold Test USA has been an amazing journey. We know they are doing great things and changing the lives of people effected by mold. We’re including some screenshots below as we like to let the results to speak for themselves.

As you can see, below, there is a steady increase in traffic & conversions. Our goal is to get people to interact with them- from phone calls to contact form submissions to actually scheduling inspection services.


171% Increase in Organic User Acquisition
Increased Phone Calls by 51%
YoY Results from 2018-2019


Nationwide CPA: $17
3300+ leads in 2019

Facebook Ads

Nationwide CPC: $1.50
500+ leads in 2019



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MAKEUP ARTISTRY by Helen Andersson | PHOTOGRAPHY by Preston Schlebusch Photography | MODELING by Anni Krueger | photo used with permission of FACE Stockholm

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