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Face Stockholm

FACE Stockholm is an international luxury makeup company based in Sweden with offices in the
United States.


In 1982, Gun Nowak owned three fashion boutiques in Sweden. FACE Stockholm grew out of her frustration of not being able to find makeup to match the neon fashions of the time. “I didn’t set out to do makeup,” says Nowak, “but I wanted every color and! couldn’t find them anywhere. I saw the opportunity.” As the business grew, Gun’s daughter, Martina Arfwidson, has become her unique business partner.

“I don’t think we would enjoy the work as much if it weren’t for a deeper purpose,” says Gun. “I think makeup is wonderful and fun because it can be like theater — it allows you to play and to act out whatever you want to be. But the most important thing that we want to express to our customers is that we are all beautiful, in one way or the other.”
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Owner of FACE Stockholm

Martina Arfwidson

“I think Dapper Codes deserves a huge shoutout… we were quite broken by the time I had the opportunity to work with Kelly. We have had such extraordinary success, it’s kind of mind blowing!”


FACE Stockholm is an international luxury makeup company based in Sweden with offices in the United States. Their brick and mortar store was successful, but they realized their online presence wasn’t thriving like it should as sales were slowly declining. In an increasingly technologically driven world, they knew our help was needed to reach more customers. While they had an online store, both them and their customers weren’t getting the most out of it.


When we first started with FACE Stockholm, we became immersed in the brand’s culture, products, business ethics, and their wants and needs as they continued to grow. We worked on discovering their target customer as well as the best way to attract more business while retaining their existing customers. We implemented the following strategies:
Digital Strategy Consulting
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Mapping
Facebook Ads
Google Adwords
Infusionsoft Marketing Consulting
Custom Website Coding & Integrations Consulting


We started working as a team in January of 2016 and watched the numbers speak for themselves. Our journey with FACE Stockholm has been incredible to watch unfold as they continued to grow by leaps and bounds! We track improvements by quarter basis and continue to update these records over time.


Over year 2018/2019


increase in revenue


increase in number of transactions

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