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Life’s good for many owners of Greenville, SC businesses. We found that out of 61 major cities in South Carolina, Greenville ranked second for the best place to launch a business in the state (1). Whether you run a small business or lead a multinational conglomerate, you have the support of local patrons and city planners. Investing in website design that offers beauty, functionality, and speed is the ideal way to set your business apart from competitors.

Support Brand Awareness Through Web Design for Greenville, SC Businesses

To really connect with your customers for long-term growth you must sell your company’s brand and not just a collection of products or services. Your website’s carefully crafted design gives you the opportunity to raise brand awareness each time a visitor lands on your site. When we mention website visitors, we mean consumers as well as search engine bots.

As a leading Greenville marketing agency, we value search engine ranking as the primary way to get our clients’ businesses noticed by the world. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing love fresh, high-quality content that mixes text, video, and infographics. Our website designers structure sites to include rich layers of content that inform and engage readers without compromising loading speeds, security, and mobile access. The results are increased traffic to your site and long-term growth potential.

We appeal to human visitors with eye-catching graphics in brand-appropriate colors and fonts. Our designers structure websites for easy navigation, readability, and seamless interaction. Today’s consumers buy from companies that share their values. They also want to know how a company’s product or service directly solves problems that they face now.

We make sure that your website tells your company’s backstory in a compelling way and describes how your firm’s offerings relieve customer pain points. Our designers keep online branding elements consistent with your offline logos and brand messages.

Superior Web Design Helps Greenville SC Business’ Build Credibility with Local Shoppers and Out-of-Town Guests

While residents of Greenville take pride in supporting local businesses, they get to know companies in much the same way as other consumers around the world. They usually visit a shop or company’s website to get a preview of the company’s offerings, culture, and promotions before they take a trip to a new retailer’s brick-and-mortar store. We know that many of these prospects do this to gauge a company’s credibility and not just to save a trip across town.

A well-designed website lets local shoppers know that your business is credible. A clean, organized layout that’s easy to use gives the impression that your company has quality offerings that can compete with other national and international brands. As a professional marketing and website design firm in Greenville, we create websites that show that you’re ready to earn the business of your target audience in and around Greenville.

Greenville is South Carolina’s sixth largest city, and many people travel to the area for business and leisure activities. When they see your storefront in passing, they’ll likely want to get more information about your business by visiting its website. If your company offers something that they need, it will likely show up in their online searches for a local store that sells a specific product or service. In these cases, you want a website that makes non-local visitors feel comfortable enough to make purchases.

Extend Customer Service Efforts for Greenville, SC Businesses Through Creative Web Design

Our clients work hard to make their physical stores attractive to visitors. They employ knowledgeable salespeople who are empowered to give advice about products and solve service issues. However, these valued staff members aren’t available to customers after store hours. With the right website design, we make some of their knowledge available to prospects and existing customers 24 hours a day.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a 24/7/365 sales person who doesn’t need to eat or sleep? ….wait… That is possible with a website!

We design websites that have a more responsive look and feel. Your customers can take advantage of hassle-free contact forms and convenient online chat functions for after-hour engagement.

Elegant Web Design Facilitates Increased E-commerce Conversions

The ability to sell online was one of the main reasons that companies invested in websites years ago. While all companies find reasons to benefit from expertly designed websites in today’s marketplace, eCommerce companies and service based companies that want to stay viable must have robust websites that make purchasing intuitive for consumers. Customers who must wait for your website’s pages to load or who can’t access your shopping cart features on their mobile devices will likely pass on your offerings in favor of a competitor. To be clear this means, slow or otherwise difficult to navigate/use websites = money lost.

Ease of use isn’t all that we build into our designs. We offer your customers peace of mind when they make purchases or reach out via phone call or contact form. Our websites allow you to use secure e-commerce features and industry-standard encryption technology that shield customer financial data from would-be cyber thieves.

Web Design and Marketing Levels the Playing Field Among Greenville, SC Businesses

Years ago, marketing campaigns required large budgets and deep labor pools. While our marketing specialists are still needed to build these initiatives and measure their outcomes, a smartly designed website can help your business to compete with larger, more well-known companies in shorter time frames. The Internet has become the great leveling field for businesses and brands.

A well designed website, though incredibly important, doesn’t make up for the benefits of great digital marketing. Once we have built your website we move into the digital marketing phase that supports direct marketing and remarketing efforts.

Most business owners are aware of how direct marketing works, whether it’s online or off. But an interesting piece of the digital marketing puzzle that is an amazingly profitable gem to businesses is the remarketing campaign. During a remarketing campaign, you can send customized advertisements to people who visited your site but who didn’t buy or subscribe or otherwise perform the desired conversion at that time. These marketing messages show up when these visitors surf the internet later for other products, services, or information.

Google’s purchase of YouTube was one of the most talked about tech industry acquisitions of the decade. The honeymoon between the two tech giants isn’t over yet. Google’s search engine loves YouTube videos, and web pages that include video are 50 times more likely than text-only content to get first-page rankings for search results (2).

Our experienced website designers work with you and your business’ existing collateral to craft an experience for the customer, to tell your story in a visually appealing way. Stories sell. That’s what we’ve all heard as business owners and it ultimately rings true for websites. Our designers work with you to ensure that your brand’s story is being told on your website in a way that synergistically works with your existing sales pitches and objectives.

Creative Web Design is a Practical Way to Display Social Proof

It’s not enough to say that you offer quality products and exceptional service. Your prospects want you to prove those claims. In the marketing field, we call that type of validation social proof.

We’re a one-stop shop for your business’ marketing and web design needs. We understand the power of proof. According to a Nielsen report, 92 percent of consumers trusted peer recommendations over company sales messages (3). Our designers create web page layouts that include testimonials from satisfied customers who sing your brand’s praises on popular social media platforms.

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Forbes recently ran a survey to find the best states for businesses in the United States. According to the online magazine’s 2018 findings, South Carolina ranked a respectable 15th out of 50 for its high growth prospects, quality of life, and labor pool (4).

A smartly designed website allows your company to get noticed and stay relevant with customers around the corner or across the country. Want to talk to a professional website designer about creating a website or modifying an existing site to get the results that we’ve discussed in this post?

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