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Adelene Simple Cloth

Adelene Simple Cloth is a luxury textile company making fabrics that last years to come.


Adelene Simple Cloth is a luxury textile company making fabrics that last years to come. They believe home is an expression of who people are, what they stand for, and what they love, and homes should reflect that, too! Through colors that make eyes brighten, textures that beg for hands to touch, and simple products – they believe in quality. “Adelene’s products are made by real hands with real love to enrich your lifestyle and last a lifetime. Maybe even a few lifetimes. Because as humble as we are, the staying power of our products really is unrivaled.”
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CEO and Co-Founder of Adelene

Rick Hirsch

“Dapper Codes, and Kelly in particular, have played a huge role in helping Adelene shift its focus from what was almost exclusively serving the trade and wholesale markets to direct consumer retail market… Kelly and her team are exceptionally good at what they do, and they’re a part of our story.”


Adelene Simple Cloth came to us at an interesting time in their evolution. Up until that point, they’d focused on the wholesale
and trade markets, but they were ready to make a change. It was time to go direct-to-customer.

We were able to connect with them in 2017 as they were in the middle of a website redesign that was off the rails. We stepped
in and completed their project without going over their budget. Our initial project with them went so well that we’ve been
working with them ever since!


At their core, Adelene Simple Cloth is a textile company. They’re set apart by their goals of excellence in creating the finished
product and creating the very best fabrics. In the textile world, these key points set them above the rest.
To make the shift they were needing, we knew there would be a lot of planning involved. Orchestrating which projects were
priorities while holding off on others proved to be a balancing act.

We were able to implement the follow strategies:

Digital Strategy Consulting
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Mapping
Facebook Ads
Google Adwords
Infusionsoft Marketing Consulting
Full Website Redesign
Website Copy Consulting & Management
Photography and Videography Creation and Support
Social Media Management
Custom Website Coding & Integrations Consulting


It’s a long-term commitment of time, energy, and personal relationships when it comes to changing the direction of a company. But when it all comes together, it’s well worth the effort!

We didn’t know how much our team would come to love Adelene as a brand and as individuals. We’re so proud of the work we’ve done together.

We’re forever grateful for the opportunity to grow with them.

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